Stacey – Irresistible @ joymii – Nude Angels

Stacey - Irresistible @ joymii - Nude Angels
Stacey is imagining herself a prisoner in a rich man’s castle at the top of a cliff. It’s the fantasy that always turns her on the most. She’s been left alone there, naked, hair streaming over her shoulder. This man is married, but Stacey has always known that he is wildly attracted to her just by the way he looks at her. And this time he has whisked her in the middle of a dinner party saying “I just can’t wait anymore.” They go up the cliffside to where it is windy, and he lets her alone in the room to get comfortable. So Stacey takes off all her clothes and imagines he is about to enter.

Miette – Lazy Sunday @ joymii – Nude Angels

Miette - Lazy Sunday @ joymii - Nude Angels
Seeing how Mietta spends her Sunday makes one wish every day was Sunday! Talk about hot… Mietta is that, and more. Watching her rub her beautiful pussy and give herself pleasure is such a turn on. It was hard to keep calm while filming this… she’s so inviting… all by herself… on the couch… legs wide open… maybe she’ll be joined next time by someone who can help take care of her needs . Until then, it’s just you and her, relaxing and having a good time on a lazy Sunday afternoon. Enjoy!

Vera – Climax @ joymii – Nude Angels

Vera - Climax @ joymii - Nude Angels
Enjoy this super hot HD video with this super hot goddess. Vera was really horney at this shoot and it was a pleasure to watch her. Watch her too when she sticks this elegant toy into her sweet little pussy!

Suzie – Seduction @ joymii – Nude Angels

Suzie - Seduction @ joymii - Nude Angels
Suzie is brushing her hair in the mirror and her mind starts to wander. She catches your eye in the mirror watching her, and decides it’s time for the ultimate seduction. She places herself alone in a big white room. She sits on a chair and takes out her tulip shaped clear dildo. Suzie looks at you, the chair next to her is empty. She imagines you sitting in it, speaking to her, joining her. She’s always had the fantasy of being intimate with a stranger, and that excites her even more. Her entire body responds, shining with an ecstatic glow as she goes all the way

Natalie N. – Join me for breakfast @ joymii – Nude Angels

Natalie N. - Join me for breakfast @ joymii - Nude Angels
Breakfast anyone? Well, when Natalie is making it you can be sure it’ll be good – not because she’s a great cook, but because she knows what you like! Before she gets started with the eggs, she gets started on herself, on the counter… mmm… just the way we like it. The way she gently rubs her sweet, soft pussy is enough to make anyone hungry… for her! Imagine waking up to this morning ritual everyday… we’d never get any work done! : ) We hope you’ll take the time in your busy schedule, – perhaps before going to work – to experience the beautiful and voluptuous Natalie give herself a bit of a rub down before breakfast. Enjoy!

Ariel – Special Gift @ joymii – Nude Angels

Ariel - Special Gift @ joymii - Nude Angels
Sultry Ariel sent Joymii a holiday card recently, saying: Come over, I have a special holiday gift for you and everyone at Joymii. And Ariel sure does have a holiday gift for us all. Ariel holiday colors are red and black; she is seductive, erotic, naughty, and playful all at the same time. And then, what this? She finds a large glass dildo that Joymii has gifted to her. She is surprised and pleased with the gift and immediately puts it to appropriate use. She wants to show you and us how very much she appreciates our generosity and her entire body welcomes, wets, and appreciates the gift.

Tea – Artful @ joymii – Nude Angels

Tea - Artful @ joymii - Nude Angels
When we first met the lovely Tea she was very shy and didn’t say much. You would never know that from this video though, and we are so glad. : ) It didn’t take her long to get her clothes off, and took even less time for her to start touching and caressing herself. Before long, she had her favorite toy out and things got really hot really quickly. Watching Tea come out of her shell in this artful way was a real joy to behold. By the end of the shoot we were all smitten with her. It’s not hard (but it will be), as you will see for yourself when you watch this beauty do her thing. Enjoy!

Tegan S. – Clit Action @ joymii – Nude Angels

Tegan S. - Clit Action @ joymii - Nude Angels
Wow. It’s hard to believe that a beautiful fit girl like Tegan likes to eat donuts every day – it certainly doesn’t show! But that’s just one aspect of this blonde beauty that we like. The other is her honesty about what she likes… like her body. She has no problem telling us what she likes about herself and even less of a problem – thankfully – showing us! She wastes no time showing us what she means by “clit action” and we could not have been happier. Hearing her tell us how she likes to masturbate and touch herself was a real turn on, but having her show us was even better! Soon after, the talking stops and the moaning begins. We hope you enjoy the beautiful tegan giving herself some “clit action”. Enjoy!

Ariel – Queen @ joymii – Nude Angels

Ariel - Queen @ joymii - Nude Angels
Watching the always beautiful, always sexy Queen Ariel pleasure herself is always a pleasure – and this time is no exception. She’s so comfortable with herself and her slender fit body and knows exactly what to do to bring herself to climax and wastes no time getting there. When we asked what she’s like to do for this video she simply said “How about I just do what I do?” Of course, we were totally fine with that, as what she does is always sexy and exiting. We hope you feel the same about Ariel and that you enjoy watching her pleasuring herself as much as she enjoyed it. All hail the Queen!

Josephine – Pure Joy @ joymii – Nude Angels

Josephine - Pure Joy @ joymii - Nude Angels
Watch beautiful Josephine having an awesome orgasm in this very subtle, modern setting.The perfect relaxation for a lazy afternoon Josephine is pleasing herself while spreading her legs wide. Watch our amazing beauty in this very private moment of pure joy! See more of her and other super models from our lates shoot on Ibiza soon!